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Anorexia and Bulimia

Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia is an eating disorder in which the individual has an irrational fear about gaining weight and a distorted perception of their body, seeing themselves as overweight when they're not.

They tend to eat very little or sometimes nothing at all for days at a time and some exercise excessively to ensure that they don't gain weight.

The condition often onsets in teenage years or during early adulthood. Those suffering from the condition are frequently perfectionists and like to feel in control.

It is a very serious illness that can affect health due to malnutrition, starvation and complications that can occur in the major organs.

Hypnosis and NLP can be used to help eliminate any negative emotions the individual may have from their past. Once the underlying causes have been thoroughly dealt with, sessions tend to be predominantly focused on increasing confidence and self-esteem rather than specifically concentrating on eating and weight gain, although as in every case, the sessions are tailored towards the individual, so this may vary.


Bulimia is also an eating disorder, but in this case the individual binges on food and then makes themselves sick to ensure they don't put on any weight. Some use laxatives to rid the body of any excesses. This can happen on a daily basis, several times a day, or less regularly.

Often the binging and vomiting are done in private, so that even close family or friends may be unaware that it's happening, particularly since their body weight can be within the normal range, sometimes over, sometimes under.

I have worked successfully with several bulimic clients using hypnotherapy and NLP. The underlying emotional issues are dealt with, confidence is increased, any guilt removed and positive behaviours encouraged.

Both anorexia and bulimia can have a negative effect on health and can be life-threatening.

It is important to stress that although the therapeutic techniques I use have proven to be effective in resolving these issues, they are complementary. Help and advice from a healthcare professional such as your GP is advised.

I am more than happy to work alongside other health professionals in order to get you back to full health.