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Emotion: A state of mind, mood or feeling that involves thoughts, physiological changes and an outward expression or behaviour e.g. joy, sorrow, love, hate, anger and jealousy.

We all experience fluctuating emotions; some good, some bad. Some are beneficial to us in terms of health, relationships, happiness and others create problems within our lives.

Most emotions are temporary. We all have our ups and downs. The problem comes when there are too many downs and not enough ups.

I've had numerous clients come and see me who feel that life isn't good. Some believe bad things happen to them, they have no luck, people talk about them or annoy them. Relationships never last, their job is going nowhere and they have nothing to look forward to.

In reality, all of us have times when we might feel this way, but often it's a temporary feeling and we move on. Many people have financial concerns, particularly in the current economic climate. Some have relationship breakdowns or may have suffered the loss of someone close to them. They may have health worries or have just lost their job.

What differs then between someone who deals with the issue and carries on in life and someone who becomes depressed or angry, frustrated or jealous, guilty or ashamed?

The answer lies in their thought patterns. Negative thoughts lead to negative emotions. Your thoughts create your moods.

Often these thoughts can become distorted, for example we can over-generalise, jump to conclusions, blame ourselves or others and become expert fortune-tellers!

Someone who doesn't experience so many negative emotions, rationalises the situation and thinks positive thoughts. That's not to say they're happy or pleased to be in an upsetting or distressing situation, but their thoughts allow them to deal with things in a much more positive way.

Negative emotions can serve a purpose though. They tell us something is wrong. Being angry is a signal that all is not well, grieving allows us to recognise the importance and significance of life and all it brings. None of these emotions are bad in themselves, they only become an issue when we can't lift ourselves out of that emotion, if we are frequently experiencing the emotion and can't control it.

Sometimes individuals respond to external stimuli and become angry or jealous and sometimes the emotion can be triggered by merely visualising something happening, by memories or our thoughts. Whether it's internal or external, the key to resolving our emotional issues lies within us.

Through the use of hypnotherapy, NLP and EMDR, we can learn to respond to triggers in a different way, to alter our thinking patterns and access positive resourceful states we already have that just need awakening. Using reiki we can learn how to relax both body and mind. In combination, we can become fully in control of our moods and emotions, allowing us to enjoy life and get the most out of it.